Feeding Guidelines

Becky Kux

Head Pet Happiness

Thank you for choosing to feed your pets healthy cooked food and joining us in our mission to improve and enrich the lives of your pets. We provide a nutritionally balanced, species appropriate diet that is free from all artificial additives and preservatives. We will have your pets licking their bowls clean at every meal time. Be careful – you may slip on the puddles of drool!

Fresh diets have many benefits to your pets health including longer lifespan, shinier coat, decrease in allergies, and most importantly…less time spent at the vet!

How to feed our food – especially if you are transitioning from KIBBLES

Some pets can be very choosy in what they eat. Don’t worry! Petchef to the rescue!

Because a sudden change in diet can cause issues with the digestive system (such as vomiting and diarrhoea) we highly recommend you follow our 6 step plan while introducing our food.

If your pet does not seem interested in the new food, don’t give up! With time and persistence we can change the eating habits of even the fussiest feline or pickiest pooch.

Step 1: Keep the food frozen.Please keep all our meals in the freezer and defrost each portion for 24 hours in the fridge before serving. As all our food is fully cooked, there is no need for you to heat up our meals. If your pet prefers warm food then you can lightly steam, microwave or stir fry each portion.

Step 2: Remove all other food sources.If you currently leave out a bowl of kibble for your precious puss or pooch, please remove this so that your pet has no opportunity to have sneaky snacks when you are not looking. Do not give any treats or table scraps (no matter how loud they cry!)

Step 3: First feeding.Since it can take time for the digestive system to accept a new diet, we recommend that for the first time you give them our food you mix 25% of Petchef’s recipe with 75% of their old food. If they do not accept this then take their bowl away after 15 minutes and try again at the next meal time with 10% of Petchef’s food instead.If they gobble up all their grub then you are ready to move on to step 4.

Step 4: Second feeding.The next meal you can feed 50% of Petchef’s food and 50% of their old food. They should be getting more used to the fresh ingredients by now but if they are still not finishing their meals then move back to step 3.

Step 5: Third feeding.Now you can feed 75% of Petchef’s food and 25% of their old food. You should already be seeing an increase in appetite and the drool will be starting! You are almost there! One more step to go…

Step 6: Fourth feeding.Your furbaby should be ready for completely fresh food now! Throw out your bags of kibble and feed 100% Petchef recipes.Congratulations! You have now won the battle to KICK THE KIBBLE! Please contact your account rep to organise your first full delivery of food. 

Becky Kux

Head Pet Happiness

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