How to Order

We’re a subscription based service that delivers customised, natural and fully nutritious meals to your doorstep in Klang Valley, Penang or Johor.

Give us your pet's details and requirements

Create your pets nutritional profile online or chat to us to find the most suitable meals for your pets. Choose the meals your pets enjoy the most or the price plan that’s most suitable for you.

We customise & freshly cook your pet's optimal meals

 Every portion is customised for your pet’s size and requirements and cooked through human grade process ensuring top food safety standards.

We deliver every 2 weeks at your convenience

Our delivery service is flexible and we’re able to deliver any time Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm. Adjust anytime. Change delivery dates at any time through the Petchef Portal.

Placed your order? Next you..

Choose what's best for them

You can choose exactly the recipes that suit your pets the most. We’ve listed exactly what goes into our recipes: all fresh, natural ingredients and packed full of nutrition for your pets! We never use any fillers, artificial preservatives or processed ingredients.

Our Recipes

Choose from our recipes, cooked fresh

And choose what's best for you

Prices depend on your pet size and the recipes you choose. We calculate our prices specifically to the ingredients used so you’re paying comparable prices to what you’d spend to make it yourself (sometimes even less!)


Subscription price list (per month, approximates)

Pet weight*

Daily Meal Intake*

Price Range*

1-3 kg

60-120 g

RM 80.00
a month*

3-4 kg

100-150 g

RM 115.00
a month*

5-6 kg

150-250 g

RM 169.00
a month*

6-8 kg

200-350 g

RM 188.00
a month*

9-12 kg

250-500 g

RM 275.00
a month*

13-15 kg

400-600 g

RM 348.00
a month*

* our convenient subscription plans further offer up to 30% discount on your monthly pricing

How to cancel?

You can cancel anytime, by submitting a request in your dashboard, just find the button Cancel Subscription. Using this option your subscription will cancel at the end of your current contract period.

    •  If you haven’t chosen any contract (simple Monthly), your subscription will cancel at the end of the month after the already paid-for deliveries have been sent.
    • If you’re on a longer contract (3-6-12 months, with additional discount), note that this option cancels your subscription when the contract ends. If you’d like to cancel immediately, please chat with us on WhatsApp to help you minimise the possible cancelation fees.

If your order is to be delivered to an address in KL, please be sure to get in touch 3 business days (Mon-Fri) before your next scheduled delivery so we can tell our chefs to put a hold on sourcing and cooking your order!

If your order is to be delivered to an address in Penang or Johor Bahru, please be sure to chat with us 5 business days (Monday) before your next scheduled delivery. We only deliver on Saturdays to these two locations, so please submit no later than the Monday prior.